Tool Builds

Complete Tool Builds

Mac-Mold offers complete tool builds in a variety of molding processes for both production and prototype applications, including; Injection Molds, Compression Molds, Thermal Forming and Urethane Foam Tooling.

Tool materials include: Pine, Renboard, Aluminum, Cast aluminum, Mild steel, 4140 Pre-Hard, P20, H13, S7, Stainless steel, and more. We have experience in manifold hot half’s, prep work, installation of hot runner systems and can offer manifold maintenance for out of warranty systems.

We can use your designs or we can provide you with complete 2D and 3D designs. Mac-Mold is an experienced Tier 3 supplier for the automotive industry and has built tooling for both interior and exterior components. These components include; Trim Panels, Sunshades, Floor Mats, Load Floors, Trunk Liners, Sound Absorbers and Vapor Cannisters, to name a few.

Injection Molds

Whether you have a need for High-Pressure or Low-Pressure Injection Mold tooling, we are here to assist you. Mac-Mold offers a variety of injection processes, including Reaction Injection Molding (R.I.M.), Structural Foam, Gas Assist and Glass Encapsulation.

We offer support for a wide range of thermoplastic materials i.e. ABS, Polypropylene, Nylon and TPO, just to name a few.

Compression Molds

Mac-Mold offers Compression Tooling and Hot and Cold Matched Die Forming for molding Thermal Set materials such as Fiber Board, Shoddy, Carpet Substrate, Acoustic material, Sheet Molding Compound (SMC), Thick Molding Compound (TMC) and Bulk Molding Compound (BMC). These glass fiber reinforced materials are used where high heat and/or high strength is required.

Thermal Form Tooling

Mac-Mold offers tooling for a variety of Thermal Forming processes including Vacuum and Bladder Vacuum Forming. The materials we support include thermoplastics and vinyl materials.

Post Processing Equipment

Trim Dies, Assembly Fixtures, Glue Fixtures, and Check fixtures are examples of the type of Post Processing equipment that Mac-Mold can offer to help you to streamline your process and ensure part quality.

Urethane Foam Tooling

Both open and close pour Urethane Foam tooling, in either aluminum billet or cast aluminum, are available for applications such as, sound absorber, armrests, seat cushions, etc.