Aerospace, Defense & Medical

Mac-Mold Base has experience working with the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. Projects range from injection mold bases, layup & bond fixtures, mill & vacuum fixtures, assembly/sub-assembly fixtures, facilities equipment to sawing and CNC cutting for weldments. Mac-Mold Base is committed to meeting the rigorous standards of the aerospace industry. Through our experience, we have successfully collaborated with not only aerospace but also with the defense and medical sectors, demonstrating our adaptability and versatility across a range of critical fields.

Our project portfolio reflects the diversity of industries we serve, encompassing a broad array of precision engineering solutions. From crafting injection mold bases that form the foundation of quality production processes, to the design and fabrication of specialized layup and bond fixtures, we have tackled the intricate needs of composite material manufacturing with expertise.

Our capabilities extend further into the creation of precision mills and vacuum fixtures, essential for maintaining exacting tolerances and quality in various manufacturing processes. We also excel in constructing assembly and sub-assembly fixtures, ensuring seamless integration, and streamlined production in complex systems. Furthermore, our expertise extends to facilities equipment, contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of your operational setup.

In the realm of metalworking, we offer state-of-the-art sawing and CNC cutting services, specifically tailored for the fabrication of intricate weldments. Our commitment to precision and excellence is the driving force behind our ability to deliver top-tier solutions that meet the unique demands of the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. Mac-Mold ensures the highest quality standards in every project we undertake.