Hot Runner / Hot Half

At Mac-Mold we have can assist hot runner manufacturers with our experience in gun drilling heater lines, machining for manifold systems, installing manifold systems and servicing out of warranty systems. Using our Orycon 24-zone controller we can diagnose thermocouples and heater systems. We can also refurbish hot halves to prolong tool life and minimize downtime.

At Mac-Mold, we offer a comprehensive array of services aimed at assisting hot runner manufacturers and ensuring the optimal functionality of their systems. With our extensive expertise, we’re well-equipped to address a wide range of needs within this niche. Here’s a breakdown of our capabilities:

Gun Drilling Heater Lines: Our skilled team excels in gundrilling heater lines, a crucial process in ensuring the even distribution of heat in hot runner systems. This precision operation is fundamental to the efficiency and longevity of your hot runner systems.

Machining for Manifold Systems: We specialize in machining services tailored to manifold systems. Our precise machining techniques guarantee the accuracy and reliability of your manifold systems, contributing to the consistent performance of your hot runners.

Installing Manifold Systems: Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the installation of manifold systems. We understand the intricacies involved in integrating these systems into your manufacturing setup, ensuring a seamless and reliable connection.

Servicing Out-of-Warranty Systems: For hot runner systems that have surpassed their warranty period, we offer expert servicing and maintenance. Our team can identify issues, provide repairs, and restore your systems to peak performance, extending their lifespan and preventing costly downtime.

Diagnostic Capabilities: Using our advanced Orycon 24-zone controller, we possess the ability to diagnose thermocouples and heater systems with precision. This diagnostic tool allows us to swiftly identify any issues or discrepancies, facilitating rapid, effective solutions.

Refurbishing Hot Halves: We understand the significance of hot halves in hot runner systems. As part of our commitment to minimizing downtime and maximizing tool life, we offer hot half refurbishment services. This process involves meticulous restoration to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your hot runner systems.

At Mac-Mold, we take pride in our comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically for the hot runner industry. Our dedication to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction underpins our commitment to delivering solutions that enhance the performance, durability, and reliability of hot runner systems.