Mold Bases

A large or custom mold base from us means a turn key solution

  • Full project management in small to large custom mold bases.
  • Experience in design, manufacturing and quality control for over-molding, rotational, shuttle, stack, compression, thermoset, unscrewing, plastic injection, prototype mold in small and large injection and die cast mold bases.
  • Full multi-plant capacity to handle multiple mold orders including the largest plates
  • We can provide a mold base to you at any level desired from a basic plate order; A-Series with or without inserts, B-Series roughed or finished to a fully 3D machined, plumbed, wired and assembled for a turn key mold.
  • Our ability to stock, cut, grind, and rough raw material allows for orders to be completed efficiently. Our quality control program is guided by the inspection department, which scrutinizes each phase of your job, monitoring and ensuring critical tolerances, proper assembly, fit-up, cleanup and install components for final inspection.

Large Plate Capacity

With our state-of-the-art Kuraki CNC Horizontal Boring and Milling and Kitamura CNC Horizontal Palletized Machining Center we can handle up to eighteen tons. With our large machining window we can meet our customer’s needs. We also have four Vision Wide bridge mills to handle large plates.

Why You Need Mac-Mold Base

We’re different from the competition! How?

  • Focus on and adapt to constantly changing technology.
  • Use state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Create a partnership with our customers.
  • Complete design review by our engineering department before the manufacturing process begins.
  • Our engineers possess exceptional skills and extensive expertise ensuring the highest level of design.
  • At our competitors, your job would be put on the back burner until your design team properly completed the mold base drawings.
  • Our philosophy is to make sure the beginning phases of the project are perfect, avoiding costly errors and delays during the manufacture of your mold base, enabling us to meet the most challenging deadlines.

Many of the standard and large custom mold bases include these features:

  • Precisely machined steel, stainless steel, aluminum or P20 pre-hard steel
  • Our plate is available in rough, ground, and finished to your specs
  • Cooling channels and heating circuits
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic functions for plate and manifold actuation
  • Calculated insert stack compression
  • Front-mounted cavity and core designs
  • Most accessories including latches, lift bars, water plumbing kits, mold locks and all mold hardware components

Some, but not all of our custom mold base services include:

  • Clamp Slots
  • Compound Angular Pockets
  • Ejector Covers
  • Ejector Pins
  • Extension Nozzles
  • Eye-Bolt Holes
  • Finish Pocketing
  • Guided Ejection
  • Heater Holes
  • Horn Pins
  • Metric/English
  • Racks
  • Return Pins
  • Safety Straps
  • Side Locks
  • Spring Pockets
  • Stream Lines
  • Stripper Bolts
  • Stripper Rings
  • Support Pillars
  • Surface Contouring
  • Taper Interlocks
  • Water Lines
  • And more!