Service Work

We have experience working with the aerospace, defense, medical, and auto industries. There is a vast range of projects we do, including special custom mold bases, complete injection tool builds, compression tools, special machining, waterjet cutting, deep hole gun drilling, including drilling tube sheets, water circuitry, heater lines, manifolds, grinding, sawing, and much more.

MMB can manage a variety of outside work in addition to large and custom mold bases. We have strategically invested in machinery that is beneficial to our tooling production but is also capable of handling other machining tasks. It is this diversity that keeps us competitive. From our Tarus 4 Axis STS gun drill, and our Omax Waterjet work cell to our large capacity horizontal and vertical milling centers, we are ready and able to oversee any project you may have. MMB stocks A36 sheets (.500″ – 2.50″) and can saw, waterjet, machine, and surface grind quickly. Our ability to stock, cut, grind, and rough raw material allows for orders to be processed quickly and efficiently.

We can execute…

We can execute the most challenging tolerances, up to .0003″:

  • Sizes of plates and/or mold bases: Up to 90.60″ x 165.40″ (2301mm x 4201mm)
  • Weights: Mac-Mold has 10, 20 and 30-ton overhead crane capacity.
  • We have an excellent vendor supply relationship providing us with plate steel and alloys to insure on-budget and on-time shipping of your job.
  • We do CNC and CNC 3D milling, waterjet cutting, surface grinding and gun drilling. (See our gun drilling page for our Tarus 4 axis CNC Deep Hole Gun Drill and our Water Jet page for our new Omax Waterjet work cell)
  • Each project is completely assembled and fully inspected before shipping.

Shipping & Receiving

At MMB we have vans and flatbeds to deliver local and interstate deliveries and pickups. We can also arrange trucking to anywhere in the United States using your preferred shipping company, or our economic broker and trucking companies. Please be advised that we do not have a loading dock but can make special arrangements if that is the best way for you to ship your material.

Engineering Capabilities

Mac-Mold uses Mastercam, SolidWorks, and Lemoine RTM formats. If your file does not respond to one of these formats, please send them via IGES formats. All files transferred to Mac-Mold Base should correspond to your project number followed by a “P” for Preliminary, or an “F” for Final. For files larger than 25MB, we utilize Microsoft SharePoint. Please contact us for instructions.

Our team consists of experienced engineers paired with a highly trained and motivated group of CNC skilled machinists, backed up by assembly and inspection department that is precise and trained to assemble your project.